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Plans by Mike John

Full Size Plans of Human Powered Boats

These plans may be used to make models by reducing them.


Apartment Boat by Steven Lewis. A nesting 8' Boat.
Baidarka by Nick Schade. Free boat plans for building a strip-built baidarka style sea kayak. 19' long by 17 1/8" wide.
Black Skiff by Mark Wallace. L.O.A. 14' Beam 4'4"
Blackberry 11 by John Bell. 11 foot plywood dory for one designed by John Bell. See Also a great Duckworks article.
Blackberry 14 by John Bell. 'In the November 1, 2004 edition of Messing About In Boats, I presented a stretched version of my 11' dory, called Blackberry 14'.
Brat Plans. A one sheet design. Requires you to Join.
Canoe at 20-20. 'ONE of the most interesting boats to build, and one of the safest and most serviceable when properly handled is the canoe'.
Canvas Canoe by E. T. Littlewood. 12' 6" Construction details for a canvas covered canoe.
Cheap Canoe by Bateu. Free boat plans for a 14' canoe. The plans include a complete tutorial about transferring dimensions from blueprints to the plywood.
Coracle, 'Toby Churchill's amazing plywood coracle'.
Cinderella by Gavin Atkin. 'An elegant but easy to build canoe'.
CubCanu and ScoutCanu by Steven Lewis. There is a CubCanu Mk II here.
Dinghbat by Steven Lewis. DinghBat is an 8 foot heavy displacement Pram dinghy designed for use as a tender or small pleasure craft.
DK Touring Canoe by JEM Watercraft. 18' x 35"
Doris the Duckworks Dory by Gavin Atkin. 'Doris' is a 16ft plywood dory.
Double Paddle Dory by Einsteen. A light-weight dory. There is more information HERE.
Duckskiff by Steven Lewis. Duckskiff is a 14 foot skiff. There is a motoring and rowing version.
Easy B by Skip Johnson. 11'-8" L.O.A. 28" maximum beam.
Featherweight Kayak at Granpas Archive.
Five Dollar Skiff by Paddlefast. 'THE following directions are for the construction of a skiff to carry four persons'.


Flats Rat by David (Shorty) Routh. Mouse Kayak. 'This is about the simplest and smallest boat that can carry an adult. The original mouse was designed by Gavin Atkin'. Length: 8'


FOLDING KAYAK by Bateu. These plans and instructions developed from plans of Jess Rathburn. 'This kayak weighs less than 40 pounds and will carry a full-sized man'. (Click on folding kayak).


Folding Kayak Plans by Jess Rathbun. 'IT'S NOT FAST, it's not roomy and you won't find many practical uses for such an outlandish craft'. 'In fact, this center-folding kayak has only one feature to recommend it—it's fun'.


Forest & Stream Skiff by Gavin Atkin. 10ft


Forest and Stream Skiff by Sergey Sinelnikov. 'Forest Stream" lines were developed as a result of summarizing high quality reliable ships construction methods in 1890 of the one before last century'. 3100 mm (10' 2")
Various Boats at Hannu's Boatyard. This site is very well organised and can't be improved upon by our indexing methods.
Imp by Gavin Atkin. 138" x 30"
The Island Bay Dory by AnalogKid. One Sheet Dory.
Jeffs Sled Cat. A one sheet design. For paddle?
Julie by Gavin Atkin. 15ft 6in length overall by 4ft beam, by 450lbs displacement and 33.5sq ft wetted area, designed for stitch and glue.


13' Laker Kayak by Jem Watercraft. Also at Duckworks.


Kayak #11 by Doug Garmon. 17' LOA, 22.5" beam.
Light Dinghy by Gavin Atkin. 127 by 41in dinghy for rowing.
Maximum Capacity JonBoat by Lewis Boat Works. One Sheet Design.
Micro Folding Dinghy by David G.Bolduc. Folding Dinghy.
Micro Mouse by Gavin Atkin. 78" x 29.5"


One Sheet Punt (Mini Max Flat) by Steven Lewis.


One Sheet Punt V (Mini Max Vee) by Steven Lewis.


Modern Malecite St. John River Canoe. Length: 17' Width: 36"
Mouse by Gavin Atkin. Small Punt.


The Oarmouse by Gavin Atkin. 'A fast 14ft one-man rower that comes out of two sheets of ply'.
The Ozark Johnboat by Stephen Hough.
12 Pak Yak by Jim Heter. Folding Kayak.
Northwind by M. E. Alford. Old Kayak Plans.This fit-bottomed cruising kayak has an over-all length o f 19 feet, 10.5 inches and a 38 inch beam.
Pirogue 12 by Morten Olesen.
Pirogue by The Louisiana State University Agricultural Center. PDF File
12 Pod Yak by Steven Lewis.


Qivitoq by Doug Garmon. Kayak. 17' 6" LOA, 24" beam.
Rapid Robert - a McKenzie riverboat. Made available by John Kohnen - John's Nautical & Boatbuilding Page.
Roamer by Steven Lewis. Flat Bottom Skiff. 7-1/2'
Roamer by Steven Lewis. Vee Bottom Skiff. 7-1/2'
12 Rowboat At Vintage Projects. Rowing Skiff.
Rowboat at Vintage Projects. Rowboat.
Scow 1876 by Paddlefast.
St Michaels Sailing Scow. Made available by Craig O'Donnell.
A Sectional Skiff by Carl H. Clark.
ShortyPen's Boat PlankRat by David (Shorty) Routh.
Siskiwit by Bryan Hansel. 17' Kayak.
The Snow Pea by Atomic Shrimp. 8'
South Haven Dory Plans by Paul VandenBosch. Length overall: 14'4"
Sunny Skiff by Gavin Atkin. 14ft lightweight flattie.
Svensons. No free boat plan guide would be complete without mention of Svenson's Free Boat Plans. There are too many plans at Svenson's free boat plans to list them individually.


Three Piece Rowboat at Vintage Projects.' WHEN the three sections are taken apart and nested, this 12-ft. rowboat occupies a space only 6 1/2 ft. long, and by virtue of its thin plywood construction is so light that one man can easily stow it on top of his car, using a suitable cradle to hold it'.
Toby Churchill's canoe Gladys.
TombStone by By Lewis Boat Works.
Twig. Requires you to Join. One Sheet Design.
WHEELIE WILLIE by George Daniels. 8'
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