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Plans by Mike John

Free Plans for Full Size Boats in Popular Mechanics

These plans may be used to make models by reducing them.


11-1/2' Rowboat  
2 in 1 Camper Boat  
14' Canoe  
Aluminium Canoe  
Biloxi Dinghy  
Build this Folding Kayak  
Build this Plywood Kayak  
Build this 20' Trimaran  
Cartop Pontoon Boat  
Crusette 12' Utility Outboard  
El Gato  
Flat Bottom Skiff  
Folding Boat  
Hinged Boat  
How to Make a Cruising Catamaran  
How to Make a Paddle Boat  
How to Make a Sailing Canoe  
How to Build a Skiff  
Hydroplane Catamaran  
Ice Boat and Catamaran  
Ice Scooter  
Log Canoe  
Outrigger for Fun in the Surf  
PM's Go-Cat Part One. Part Two  
PM 38  
Sailing Skiff  
Sea Knight  
Sectional Boat  
Sports Sled  
Tea Cup  
Turtle Boat  
Two-in-one Camper Boat  
White Water River Boat  
You Can Build This Aluminium Canoe  
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