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Plans by Mike John

Full Size Plans of Sailboats

These plans may be used to make models by reducing them.


2.6m Pram by Radosław Werszko. 'Boat for a child that is suitable for learning to sail, or just for fun. Some adults have also sailed her'.  
3.8 Dinghy by Radosław Werszko.  
4.0 Dayboat by Radosław Werszko. 'Classic styled sailing boat with an optional outboard engine or oars. The loose-footed standing lug is simple and quick to rig - short spars, no wires, no shackles, minimal other stuff'.  
4.2 Skiff by Radosław Werszko. 'Rowing boat with an additional sail to take your leisure time in light breeze'.  
4.5 Dinghy by Radosław Werszko. 'Just the two-person sailing boat - fast, efficient upwind, easily planing. However, you do not need racing skills or special fitness to sail her away'.  
10' 7" (Approx) Biloxi Dinghy At Vintage Projects. 'Here's just what prospective builders of small sailboats have been looking for, as you will see from a glance at the facsimiles, which reproduce excerpts from letters written by enthusiastic owners. And, the Biloxi Dinghy is not only seaworthy, as they say, but it's easy to build'.  
Blackfly Dinghy by Bruce Taylor. 14' Blackfly, a camping dinghy for sail and oar.  
"Blondie" by John Bell. Sail trainer and yacht tender, 8'4 x 4'3". 'Blondie was my entry into the 2001 Duckworks Design Competition. She did not win, but it was still a fun project'.  
Bluestone by Gavin Atkin.  
Brenda by Christer Byström. You need to send an email to get the plans. 'This version has a flat plywood bottom, and there should be an extra plywood part glued on in the inside with epoxy to make it strong enough. And the hull side is strip-plank that also should be glued with epoxy'.  
Bridget 8'2" - 12'5" by by Christer Byström. You need to send an email to get the plans.'The BRIDGET concept is a wider and simpler alternative to STELLA'.  
Chappelle's 14' Skiff by Howard Chappelle.  
Connie 11' to 17' by Christer Byström. You need to send an email to get the plans. 'The CONNIE concept is a sailing canoe, available in four sizes'.  
Corky – The Sailing Inner-tube by David M Swartwout. This little gem is from a 1950 edition of Boat Builder's Annual.  
Coreen 7'2" to 11' 6" by Christer Byström. ou need to send an email to get the plans.  
D4 by Bateu. 7' 10" dinghy. 'With building instructions etc. The D4 files have been downloaded more than 100,000 times and D4 are afloat all over the world. This is an old file but a good little boat and the price is right'.  
E = MCX by Roberto Prina. 10' (Translated by Google)  
Eddy Cat 13' by J Eddy.  
The Edge by Gavin Atkin. 142' x 37.5' x 350lbs, 63 or 53.5sq ft  
Eek - A Mouse! by Gavin Atkin.  
Electric Shock by Gavin Atkin. A 13ft 6in by 5ft 8in skiff re-drawn for modern plywood and epoxy resin construction using Hulls and TurboCAD software.  
Elf by Steven Lewis. Elf is a 12 foot long, 5 foot beam, vee bottom sailing or rowing boat.  
Ella Skiff by Gavin Atkin. 12'  
The Ensign's Gig by Dan Huisjen. 8' The Ensign's Gig is made from two sheets of plywood. The sides are 1/4" and the bottom 3/8".  


Fifteen-Dollar Sailing Canoe at Paddlefast. The canoe is 13 feet by 31 inches, but no great harm can result from making it a little shorter or stretching it to 15 or 16 feet.  


Fiona 9' to 12' by Christer Byström. You need to send an email to get the plans.This is a sailing canoe, and it is smaller then the Connie version and it has only one mainsail and no jib.  
Flying Mouse by Gavin Atkin. 8'  
Grace 8' to 20' by Christer Byström. You need to send an email to get the plans.'The GRACE concept has a flat plywood bottom and a strip-planked side. It is a little bit wider then the other concepts, and that makes it a bit more stable. The main-sail is the batwing version'.  


Helena 10'8" to 15' by Christer Byström. You need to send an email to get the plans. 'This is a wide concept without any centreboards. On the twarts there should be wooden pieces glued on the undersides to make them strong enough to sit on'.  


Hobby Kat At The Plans for the Hobby Kat were published in Mechanix Illustrated, December, 1973.  
Hot Rat by Gavin Atkin.  
Kavalier 800 by Albert Nazarov, Maxim Kovalyov, Dmitry Dolinsky.  
K-28 by Paul R. Kotzebue, PE. LOA 8.50 m 27'-11"  
K-39 by Paul R. Kotzebue, PE. LOA 12.10 m 39'-8"  
K-60 by Paul R. Kotzebue, PE. LOA 18.23 m 59'-10"  
Lepalepa Bugis Outrigger Sailing Canoe of Sulawesi by Tim Anderson. The main hull is 12ft 9in long from tip to tip.  
Light Trow by Gavin Atkin. 15ft 6" A lightly-built rowing/sailing skiff.  
Little Bretton by Gavin Atkin. A round-bilged clinker pram - 7'9" x 4'.  
Little Fat Boat by T Lee. PDF file. A double ended one sheeter.  


Loonie by William Watt. The Loonie is a one sheet boat designed for paddling and sailing by a 150 lb adult. Its made of three plywood panels and requires two saw cuts. This text file also has the building instructions. There is a build article here. And here it gets a bear paw sail.  
Madura Jukung (Trimaran) by Tim Anderson. 19'  
Mini Sharpie by David J Beede. 7'8"  
The Multichine Proa by Othmar Karschulin. Basis Concept: The conception of the P5 is a light car-toppable proa for 1 to 2 sailors. Both hulls are multichine designed for plywood/epoxy (stitch&glue) building. The total weight should be 70-75 kg.  
New Zealand Moth. NZ Moth Specs. Length: 3.335 m (11 ft).  
OPTIMIST by W. Clark Mills. 2.3m Plans Click Here (Translation).  
The P3 by Othmar Karschulin. Plans Click Here (Translation). 3 metre  
Pilgrim 590 by Albert Nazarov & Maxim Kovalyov.  
Pirogue 12 by Phil Bolger. The plans for the Bolger Pirogue 12 are right here on this web page. They were published in Messing About in Boatsin the June 1, 1997 issue.  
Pod 2 by by Ken Simpson. Folding, 6 feet long, 30 inches wide, 10 inches deep.  
Puddle Duck Racer by David (Shorty) Routh. 8'  


Rhiannon 8'6" to 15' by Christer Byström. You need to send an email to get the plans.'This model is a bit similar to GRACE, one of the different things is that GRACE has a flat bottom, but the rear part goes up a bit. And on RHIANNON the forward bottom also goes up a bit'.  


Rowing Sailing Dory at Vintage Projects by Bob Whittier. Build her as a utility boat, as a tender, as a silent sneak-upon-'em fishing skiff, as a trainer and fun-boat for the kids or just as a conversation piece.  
S750 by Wojtek Kasprzak. LOA 7.49m  
Sailing Catamaran at 20-20.  
Sailing Knockabout 15-ft at Vintage Projects. These plans are for a small 15 foot knockabout sailboat.  
Sailing Skiff by D. F. McLachlan. 10'  
The Sand Peeps.  
Sandspur - A Garvey by Gidge Gandy. This slightly refined garvey, of approximately 16 feet overall length, has a beam of 3 feet at the bows, 5 feet at midsection and 3 feet 6 inches at the transom. The draft is approximately 4 inches.  


Seaskiff at Vintage Projects by William D Jackson. 'Designed for the man who likes to fish, this sturdy craft can be rowed, powered by an outboard or by an inboard, or driven by the wind'.  
The Scow by Andrew Gibbens.  
Shannon 16' to 20' by Christer Byström. You need to send an email to get the plans. The SHANNON concept is the biggest one with a yawl rig, available in three sizes.  


Sonia 10'6" - 14'6" by Christer Byström. You need to send an email to get the plans.'The SONIA concept is a bigger version of STELLA with thwarts, available in four sizes. The hullshape, rig and other details are quite similar to STELLA'.  
SPRAY 700 by O.A Ardali. The minimum serious cruiser.  
Stella 7'3" to 10' by Christer Byström. You need to send an email to get the plans. The Stella concept is a one-man sloop where you sit on the inner bottom.  
Summer Breeze by David Beede. 11'8" See also Duckworks.  
Sztrandek 495 by Wojtek Kasprzak. Length overal (LOA) 495 cm.  
Stretched Sztrandek S-650 by Wojtek Kasprzak. (Translated)  
Svensons. No free boat plan guide would be complete without mention of Svenson's Free Boat Plans.  
Sztrandus by Wojtek Kasprzak. (Translated) LOA 4.0  
Sztrandusia by Wojtek Kasprzak. (Translated) 4.95m  
Sztrandusia Sailing 500 Class by Wojtek Kasprzak. (Translated). LOA 499cm  
Tarja 7'5" to 15' by Christer Byström. You need to send an email to get the plans. The TARJA concept is a trimaran, available in four sizes.  
Tornado Building Plans by Jerry Houlton. These are the Houlton building plans, developed by Jerry Houlton and a community of Tornado builders around 1980.  
Trimaran 20' at Granpas Archive.  
Wildcat by Gavin Atkin.  
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