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Plans by Mike John

Free Plans for Full Size Boats in Popular Science

These plans may be used to make models by reducing them.


In no particular order we have...


New sailboat you can build - Part one
Build it yourself sailboat of new design - Part Two
New racing sailboat.
How to build a wood stip trail boat.
Speedy new sailboat-motorboat (Dauntless) gives all round sport by William Jackson.
A boat for all reasons by Stevenson Projects.
Plywood sailing dinghy.
Fitting oarlocks to our sailboat-motorboat by William Jackson. More on Dauntless above.
How to build and sail a small boat.
Build the Versa Cat.
Outrigger sailboat built in a weekend.
The Redwood canoe goes sailing.
How to build a fold-up hinged boat.
3-Way Boat.
How Cap Codders built the flat-bottom skiff.
A boat that anyone can build.
Seascoot - A family motor boat.
Boys Boat.
Easily built outboard racer by William Jackson.
Planking our outboard racer by William Jackson.
This duckboat folds in two by William Jackson.
Our new 3 in 1 hull.
Outboard speedster by William Jackson.
Planking and finishing our Outboard racer (above).
How to build our new sportboat by William Jackson.
Campers boat.
High-speed boat by William Jackson.
General utility boat by William Jackson.
A boat for $12. [back then]
Sixty miles on a gallon of gas.
Plans for contructting a heavy-weather motorboat by Hi Sibley.
Making a family motorboat.
13.5' round bottom outboard skiff.
Racing runabout.
Small sport runabout.
How to build a Rob-Roy canoe.
This dingy is a featherweight.
A car top boat for $20. [Back then].
Catamaran Can be Carried on a Cartop
New Sailboat You Can Build
How I Fitted Oak Hydrofoils to My 14' Runabout
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